The main sizes and the uses of balloons.

Ø 6": they are particularly adapted to the sets of table, realization of figures, hearts …

ballon 15 cm

Ø 10" : Used for the advertising balloons and the decorations in balloons.

ballons 25 cm

Ø 12" : The most indicated for balloon releases and advertising balloons. They are also use to the decoration in balloons.

ballons 30 cm

Ø 16" - 40" - 60" : Thanks to their original size, they allow to realize surprising decorations, very quickly.

ballons 50 cm          ballon 1 m

Choose a balloon to choose a good quality balloon, call on your senses : the vision, the touch, the sense of smell, the taste.


1. The more he is thick, the better he resists.

- touch it to appreciate his thickness.
- Weigh it to know his exact weight in latex.
- Smell it: if he smells bad it is because he is not very hygienic...


2. Make sure that his shape is regular.

- Look at it …

3. Test its longevity by leaving him a few days on a piece of furniture having inflated it.


1. You wish that the balloon flies: you have to inflate it in the helium. Attention on the duration of flotation due to the properties of this gas.

2. You wish to put it, to hang on it or to suspend it: inflate it with the air by means of an appropriate air pump.

gonflage ballon

Bien gonflé !                Trop gonflé !

Warning ! Inflate the balloon without too much pressure, and never at the most, to leave him a small reserve. Before knotting it, release a little of air. When you inflate a balloon, do not forget that the volume of air inside the balloon will increase as the balloon will warm itself.

If it is warm, do not inflate the 100% balloon but only in 90 %. You will so decrease the risks of explosion.


The simplest consists in using stalks or automatic locks specially designed for that purpose.
You can also make a knot, what is recommended if you desire that your balloons remain swollen for a long time.


Before making its choice, it is essential to inflate the balloon to verify its diameter and its shape.
The size of a balloon can confront in its diameter, in its circumference, in its radius or in its volume.

diametre tailles ballon

The most reliable being to measure its diameter in its width, swollen ball(balloon).


1. Store it shielded from the light and from the sun.
2. Before inflating it, if it is cold, warm it then stretch it to soften it.

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