the candles farandole

Blowing out candles on a birthday cake
is a tradition that has become quite dangerous.

Indeed, it is not at all hygienic and even more so in these times of COVID, to blow on the cake and “share” one’s microbes…

Would we let someone blow with full lungs out on the plate containing our meal ?

How to avoid blowing on
a birthday cake ?

To keep the festive side of this tradition alive, we have invented an accessory.

The candles farandole, which avoids blowing out the candles directly on a birthday cake.

Our candles farandole allows you to present candles, to bring and extinguish candles, without using the cake, whatever the age to celebrate.

With the candles lined up, the result is a better and more beautiful presentation of the candles.

One element has 10 candle spaces and can be easily expanded with another one and thus be completed as much as necessary.

It is suitable for small birthday candles with or without holders.

Reusable, it can be kept until the next birthday.

This accessory is entirely made in France, in our factory in Tullins.