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BALLONPUB is the last French manufacturer of balloon in latex and after several years of studies and researches, our formulations for the manufacturing of our balloons obtained on May 18th, 2011 a certification of biodegradability.

To our knowledge, Ballonpub is at present the only manufacturer to be able to supply this type of certification.

We make our balloons in an ethical approach. We do not make the children work.

We grant the biggest importance for the manufacturing of our balloons. They are conceived so as to guarantee a maximum of safety to the user.

For an even bigger guarantee, our balloons are regularly submitted to controls with a big independent industrial analysis laboratory, accredited and notified by the European community

For a bigger hygiene, our balloons are soaped and rinsed during their manufacturing. They are in natural latex.

Pour une plus grande hygiène, nos ballons sont savonnés et rincés lors de leur fabrication. Ils sont en latex naturel.

                                fabrique en france               biodégradable

fabrique couleur

We create our colors!

Managed by a chemist, the department looks for of Ballonpub work on the development of colors.

We can thus create the color which you need for your event (consult us).



Manufacturer of balloons in France.
Sale exclusively to the professionals
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